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Recordings Coming Soon ...

Posted by Paul on January 14, 2014 at 8:35 AM

We are going to be in the studio doing some live recordings towards the end of January 2014. As soon as we have them available, I'll upload them here for you to have a listen :)

We will also put up some more cool photos of our previous gigs, party nights and functions so be sure to check them out.




Our Facebook Page

Posted by Paul on January 9, 2014 at 10:20 AM

In case you hadn't noticed, at the bottom of the home page there is a link to our Facebook  pages. Simply click the link and you will be automatically be directed or just go to

We have some new videos and audio coming very soon so keep checking back for updates.

See you soon ...

That Eighties Band Rock The Arts Center !

Posted by Paul on December 19, 2013 at 7:45 PM

For those who got tickets for the performance on the 14th December, a big thank you for coming. We had a great time and after it finished, we just couldn't wait to do it all again.



So... we are back on the 14th Feb for another 80s Party night and  tickets are on sale NOW from the box office at the Arts Center.



Don't forget to visit the Facebook page : facebook/eightiesband where we have some more photos, videos and updates.



Introducing Dara Seitzman to That Eighties Band

Posted by Paul on November 20, 2013 at 8:40 AM

I haven't posted for a while and there is a good reason for it ....


We have a new singer joining us up front with Steve and I wanted to keep it quiet until we got all the songs rehearsed polished and super shiny !


Welcome to Dara Seitzman, our final change to the line-up who replaces Claudette Burch who has done a superb job for us over the past year or so - thanks Claudette and we hope your new projects are as successful !!


For those of you who joined us at the Bay Horse in Sudbury a few weeks ago, you will know that Dara really is something else - the reception and feedback was an all new high, exceeding all our expectations and moving us all to the next level. Up front with Steve, we've got the two best of the best vocalists around and we are now on a charge getting the band "out there".


Originally from Michigan, USA, Dara has performed for many years both as a solo artist and member of an all girl group before moving to the UK with her family in 2011. Dara brings to the band, not just an amazing talent, but also a flavour of what was happening in the eighties in the US. So with that in mind, we have made a few adjustments to the set list, tweaked some things around and added some new songs that were popular both here and across the pond. 


You can see Dara perform live with us at the Birdbrook Tavern this Friday 22nd November !


It's free entry and we start at around 8pm and finish late with a disco to follow.


See you there

That Eighties Band

Now Taking Bookings for Christmas

Posted by Paul on September 26, 2013 at 12:40 PM

I know its only September, but I thought I would give you a quick heads up to inform you that we are now taking bookings for Christmas.

Can you believe it - it's only 90 days away (or there abouts) and our calendar is already starting to fill up, so if you need some of the best '80s entertainment in the area to come to you for an epic evening of entertainment, then contact us straight away using the booking form on the home page, or FaceBook us at FaceBook/EightiesBand.

'til later ...


Rock On !!!

Posted by Paul on June 10, 2013 at 9:15 AM

Hello again.

First, some introductions. We've had another change to the line-up, so let me fill you in with the details.


Dave Blackman has joined us to replace Dave Rhodes on keyboards. Dave Rhodes decided that maybe the 80s wasn't the right decade for him, so has decided to leave and work on some other projects has on the go.

So .... we have our "new Dave" - and the closest we have ever been to the original recordings in the keyboards section. So, welcome aboard, Dave and I hope you enjoyed your first gig with us. (It was pretty epic if I do say so myself)

Meanwhile ..... our drummers wife got a surprise last Saturday night when she walked into the Birdbrook Tavern. She expected to see us play there, but not finding all her family and friends there as well for her surprise birthday party. It was also our first gig with Dave on keyboards, and what a great job he did for us - thanks for all the hard work in getting the entire set list polished up and out there in just 8 weeks or so.

And ........ check out those big inflatable phones and Rubiks Cubes on the photo on the homepage - we think it looks great.


It's Been a While ....

Posted by Paul on March 27, 2013 at 2:35 PM

Well, it' been a while since I wrote an update, so here is what has been happeing.

Firstly, we would like to welcome Claudette Burch to ThatEightiesBand :D

Claudette is helping out Steve by not only singing backing vocals on most of the songs, but also showing off by having a solo spot of her very own. So far, three gigs in and it already feels like Claudette has been with us for years.


Next, we have moved the Breast Cancer Awareness gig to July because over the Christmas period and shortly after, it was just a bit too soon for an event like this as not only were most of the venues booked, but also Dennis (our disco) and ourselves were also a bit over committed. So this should work now.


The set list is complete - but like everything, we are never satisfied, so we are going to keep adding to it over the next few months or so. I think we have a good blend of material to suit everyones taste and judging by the reaction we received at the Snooker Club, Haverhill and the Bay Horse, Sudbury, I think it hits the spot - we got another 4 dates this year alone from the Bay Horse !!


We are playing Easter Saturday from 5pm - 8pm at the 5 Bells at Great Cornard, so if you want to have a great early evenings entertainment, come over - there is a beer festival there as well so if that can't tempt you, then I dont think anything will....


Until later - and I promise it wont be so long next time ...


Have fun 8)

Onwards and Upwards

Posted by Paul on December 20, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Last night (19th December) saw us perform at the Suffolk Police Child Victims of Crime Charity event in Bury St Edmunds. It was a blast :)


We started off with a few numbers we normally do just to warm things up a bit - Deacon Blue and Tears for Fears and after that, its straight into the Duran Duran numbers and then things get a bit more rocky with Van Halen and Billy Idol. The first thing we noticed was the sound was an even bigger improvement than last time - mainly due to Steve having a good mix up front and also having decent monitoring. With all bands, no matter how good or bad you are, you can always improve. I think we did that last night.


The wigs and headbands are now going to be a permanent feature and we will also be doing some really funky tee shirts in bright colours with the logo on - and I'll be including an on-line shop in the coming weeks, so if you want to buy one from this web site, then you should be only a few clicks away.


2013 will see us out and about a lot more so keep checking back because we will be getting booked up fast !!


So, from all of us at That Eighties Band, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and we will see you soon.

Our New Singer Unveiled

Posted by Paul on October 22, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Yesterday was a bit stressful and I think if it hadn't gone so well, we may well have had a long hard think about the future of That Eighties Band.


We know our new singer from regular gigs on the rock circuits around our area, and is well known as a superb vocalist and front man. He has many years experience, and we have asked (begged, groveled) on many occastion if he would like to join us to front out 80s band for some time. With one thing or another, its been put off or delayed for whatever reason (kids, work, illness etc - you know the score).... until, ... that is ... last night...


I would like to introduce out new vocalist for That Eighties Band - it's no other than Steve Hale from "The Lucanz" (The Lord Lucan Band) and he joins us after his epic performance last night during his first rehearsal in our studio. When I said it was worth waiting for, I wasn't joking - and you should just hear what his vocals have done for our overall sound - we are very happy with the results.


So, let's welcome Steve to That Eighties Band - and keep checking back for dates when you can come to see him perform live with us around the Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex areas. You can also catch Steve with The Lucanz - just go to for details

More Changes - And More Changes

Posted by Paul on October 15, 2012 at 6:45 AM

Sometimes, just when you think everything is in order, something comes along and bites you in the ass. This happened a couple of months ago.


We have lost Mark Frampton our regular singer for a start. It was a mutual decision, it was on the cards for a while, but we all remain good friends. Marks a great guy and helped us a lot while we waited for a more permanent arrangement. He is in demand all over the local rock circuits, so he will be fronting a new band before long. In the meantime, he is taking some time out, attending some open mic nights around Newmarket and then will be looking for his next project.


So, from all of us - a mega big thanks for all your help so far Mark !!


And then I have had some changes too. I've got rid of all my digital effects set up and gone back to a simpler valve set up that gives us not only a better sound, but a lot more reliability. Look at my profile page for the new list of gear - if thats what floats your boat :)


New stuff is coming up - more songs are being rehearsed and we are getting better and better every time we practise. It's looking good, but its been a bit of a bumpy road.


Beginning next year, we will be ready with the rest of the set and we will be a lot stronger musically - we have something in the pipeline for a singer but I'm not allowed to tell you - its a bit of a secret :D but well worth the wait I assure you.


We also had to move back the Breast Cancer Awareness gig to next year - but as they say, all good things come to those who wait - at least thats what they keep telling me.


Until next time ......